TikTok (2022)

TikTok has awarded Prestalo as the best brand with financial content in Spain.

The social network recognizes FinTech as the first brand to offer educational and financial content with the best performance in the country. Prestalo, a lending marketplace, is one of the accounts attracting more followers on TikTok.

As a vital part of the Pretalo team, I contributed to the ID designs, Ads, and Influencer campaigns. The strategy was to mix brand awareness and conversion through creativity.

Prestalo was recently chosen as Spain's first financial industry brand with the best performance on TikTok. The platform has highlighted the brand's excellent performance in its mission to connect with new generations of innovation.

Prestalo's TikTok account has now been nominated for the best finance account in Europe. 

Wallstreet:online (2022)

Berlin-based financial startup FinMarie has received early-stage funding of EUR 1.4 million

In this first round, the early-stage investor High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) and the Berlin-based Wallstreet: online AG are participating.

As one of the few female founding teams, the team could now prevail in the pitch for venture capital. In addition to product development, FinMarie intends to use the capital raised primarily to build up the team and for targeted marketing measures. The App was launched in the first quarter of 2022.

As part of the Finmarie strategy marketing team, I promoted the App on different channels across the brand: Social Media promotion, Mockups, Flyers, and e-mail marketing.

Museo Nacional del Traje (2019)

I created the brand MIIST, from the designs to the whole 365 marketing strategy, and it participated in the "Animalia" exhibition at the National Museum of Costume.

The exhibition, curated by Mariela Raffaelli, showed the transition from only animals to cruelty-free materials.

Over 90 objects were part of the MHT collections throughout the tour. In addition, garments and accessories by contemporary designers: Celedonio, Chicco Ruiz, Cubreme, Flâneur, Gorrión, Kostüme, Las Pepas, Lulu Martins, Marcelo Giacobbe, Matías Hidalgo, Maydi, Miist, Mixtos, Mila Kartei, Pesqueira, Santiago Artemis, and Silvio Tinello.

It was an honor to be selected to participate in a museum. My role in the project was leadership. I created the brand concept by conducting market research, creating a branding ID, designing, doing Press, and executing strategy online and offline. The exhibition was shown from May 9th, 2019, until July 28th, 2019.

Asociación Argentina de Marketing (2012)

Cienradios competed in the category of large companies' media

Under "The value of a conviction," we presented the marketing technology team and general CEO with the strategies and actions that led Cienradios from being a simple Internet radio button station to becoming Latin America's most prominent music portal. The presentation was created in 2012 and included the site's development, our marketing approach, online and offline marketing, promotion, events, and collaborations. 

New York Festivals (2009) was awarded at The New York Festival (2009) 

During my work in the Marketing Team at Radio Mitre S.A., we prepared the strategy and development to present at the New York Festival Awards. I gathered information and joined developers, producers, and managers to create the perfect presentation.

The Long Tail theory inspired the project, which offers more than 100 free radios put together by La 100's music team, especially for the Internet, and received a bronze medal in the Best Online Radio category. Lentos, Romántica, Rock Nacional, and '80s and '90s music are some of the radios you can listen to at, the only award-winning radio station in South America in June (2009) alone. In June (2009) alone, surpassed 1,000,000 unique users and is among the 25 most visited sites in Argentina.

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